Kurt DX6 Crossover Vise

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The DX6 CrossOver

The DX6 CrossOver vise combines innovations from 3 different vise types: AngLockĀ® & Pull-type designs reduces stress on body during clamping, while 4-bolt design reduces stationary jaw deflection and stress and it ships for free within Western's delivery range!



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  • Beats D688 in all vise metrics
  • Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Mounts on 40mm, 50mm & 2" grid
  • Fits on D50-4-SA swivel base
  • Easier to replace brush seal
  • Wide, stationary 4 bolt design
  • Accepts sine keys for alignment
  • Chip evacuation through the body
  • Screw support held w/ snap rings
  • Powder coat paint is long-lasting and durable


  • Hardened vise bed/jaw plates
  • Semi-hard steel screw
  • Large 9" clamping area
  • 80,000 psi ductile iron body,
  • GrooveLock jaw plate/workstop
  • Chip guard
Promo ends 1/31/2023