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featuring the 5 Inch Electroplated Multi-Cutter Double Sided Blade


  • Versatile shaping blade for trimming and grinding porcelain and softer, fragile materials
  • Makes fast, clean and aggressive cuts like a sharp blade
  • Safer grinding alternative to regular sintered tile blades
  • Will not break under pressure
  • Flush mount adapter included
  • Cuts clean miters
  • Cuts Marble, Porcelain, Ultra-Compact, Glass

Cyclone Turbo Arrow Blade


  • The new Cyclone Arrowtek design is the next generation of diamond blades.
  • The Arrowtek rim allows this blade to cut faster and cleaner than traditional turbo blades on hard materials
  • Cuts Quartzite, Engineered Stone and Granite
Item ID Size Price
DMX TBA50 5 In $29.88
DMX TBA55 5-1/2 In $34.57
DMX TBA60 6 In $40.68

Cyclone Side Segment Turbo Diamond Blade


  • Side segments are fully inlaid within the core for safe cutting
  • Side segments prevent blade from binding within the stone
  • Thick solid steel core eliminates any possibility of warping and insures straight cuts
  • Cuts Quartzite,Engineered Stone and Granite
Item ID Size Price
DMX SSTB5P 5 In $28.92
DMX SSTB6P 6 In $38.83
DMX SSTB7P 7 In $48.33

Porcelain/Granite Turbo Cyclone Blade


  • The new mesh turbo rim minimizes heat caused by friction
  • Cooler rim temperatures increase life and speed of your cut
  • New diamond bond makes this the best continuous rim ever
  • Cuts Porcelain, ultra-compact
Item ID Size Price
DMX TBP40 4 In $22.61
DMX TBP45 4.5 In $26.26
DMX TBP50 5 In $29.17
DMX TBP60 6 In $38.67
DMX TBP70 7 In $48.10
DMX TBP100 10 In $60.49
Promo ends 7/31/2021